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Gladstone Mountain Ranch

Hotel Rooms (12)

These beautifully appointed and modern rooms offer all the comfort you’d find at a Ramada Inn. One difference though, our rooms boast a scenic view akin to no other.... Well, maybe the Banff Springs could compare!  Each room features a queen sized bed, two singles, 3-piece bathroom, ample counter space, reading desk, air conditioning, plush bedding and towels.  You might be shocked to find no TV’s or telephones though - but then again, with so much to do and see outdoors, we’d be shocked if you wanted to use them!

Adjacent “Cedar Room”

Connected to the back of the Condo unit, this cozy (700sq ft) ‘shared use’ area offers our guests a range of additional services including a self-serve kitchen, coffee/tea bar, and small dining area, gas fireplace with comfortable reading and lounge area, and TV. It’s a great place to hang out, talk with neighbors, play a board game, just or enjoy a hot chocolate by the fire!