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Gladstone Mountain Ranch

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have a site layout map of the property?    yes… please download here.  What is the maximum number of guests Gladstone Mountain Ranch (GMR) can accommodate? 150 guests How many chairs are available? 150 How many tables are available? 12 round (60” diameter) & 8 rectangular (30” x 72”) Can book my wedding at Gladstone?   Yes, we welcome wedding celebrations in the months of May, June, and September.   July and August are not available as we run summer camps at those times.  Guests may download our wedding planner        package here for more details. Can alcohol be consumed at GMR? Yes, beer and wine (no hard alcohol permitted) may be consumed in the lodge, hotel, and circle centre only. Drinking outside these facilities, at the lake, and/or on the grounds is not allowed. Are pets welcome? No, sorry.  Not even in vehicles. (Unless you want your vehicle mauled and scratched… Our Saint Bernard likes to visit… :)) Is the lodge kitchen fully equipped? Yes, it is. Also, there is enough cutlery, plates and water glasses for 150 people. Is the water potable? Yes, all water on site is treated via multi-step filtration, UV and chlorine. Is the outdoor kitchen fully equipped? No, it is not. There are 2 stoves, a BBQ, a large fridge and a freezer. All other equipment must be brought by our guests. (No Styrofoam please!!!) Are tablecloths provided? No Are wine glasses provided? No Can the lake be accessed by vehicle? No, the lake and back country are accessible only by foot. What water-sport equipment is available at the lake? Paddle boats, kayaks, water trampoline. We do not provide life jackets or any other safety equipment. We do not have a life-guard on duty and it’s the guests responsibility to provide supervision and care. Can we fish in your lake? No, sorry, the fish population is very low. Do we need to bring our own bedding? We fully prepare and clean the 12 hotel rooms. All other rooms and cabins require our guests’ own bedding and clean-up after their stay. Is smoking allowed? Only at designated areas. Never inside the facilities or rooms. Butts must be disposed of in the proper     receptacles. Litter is not tolerated. Are there designated parking areas? Yes, parking for all our events is clearly marked. How many RV sites are there? Eight (3 powered, 5 unpowered) Is there wi-fi internet access? Yes, there is a hot-spot zone (pay per use) at the lodge area and outdoor kitchen Is there cell phone service? Rogers clients have limited reception. All other carriers are extremely limited. Are ATVs allowed? Never, sorry. We attempt to keep this area as quiet and wildlife-friendly as possible. Are there hiking trails around? Yes there are many nature trails (walking, biking, horse riding) in and around the property