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Gladstone Mountain Ranch


Gladstone Mountain Ranch: A Brief History

Opened in the 1940’s as the historic “J.O.”, the Gladstone Ranch has been in operation for several decades. Its original and subsequent owners operated an internationally esteemed guest ranch, lodge and restaurant up until the late 1990’s. People would come from far and wide to enjoy the splendid surroundings, food and festivities of the ranch.
“Find rest, my soul…” from the book of Psalms
Please note that access to the property is by invitation or reservation only. Food services are by caterer only and, at present, the restaurant is not open to the public. 
From 2000 to 2013 Gladstone was owned and operated by NAIM (North American Indigenous Mission) and functioined as a centre of Christian ministry, dedicated to the Native American community. During this time it was largely closed to the general public.
As of September 2013, the Gladstone property passed into new ownership and with this change comes a fresh and exciting new era. Gladstone will now serve Christian ministries, corporate clients, private bookings, weddings, youth camps etc. and be open to reservations by the general public.
Notice:  We are fully booked for 2020 and accepting no more reservations.